Flemish Weave Bow Strings / D-97

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Always good to have a spare!  Flemish Weave Bow Strings are the way to go for your traditional longbow or recurve

Always good to have a spare!

All lengths are A.M.O. specification at 100 lbs. tension 

Works on either longbows, recurves, or hybrids

Please Specify Longbow (LB) or Recurve (RC) when ordering

Dacron strings are 16 strands

This is the perfect string for older bows or other bows that can not with stand the force that a fastflight string puts on a bow.

Fastflight strings are 16 strands (Recomended by Robertson Stykbow on all bows made after 1995.)

Please Select the Length, of the  Longbow or Recurve