About Us

With an gleam in his eye and archery in his heart, Dick Robertson and his wonderful wife Vikki founded Robertson Stykbow in 1978.

With a knack for the outdoors and a hard pursuit for traditional bow making and hunting, Dick was part of the instrumental forces that brought archery only hunting seasons played major roles in organizations such as The Traditional Bowhunters of Montana (he helped found it in 1987), The Professional Bowhunters Society, among others.

Throughout the years of bowmaking and hunting experiences, Dick has hunted in places such as Sibera, Alaska, Montana, Arizona and more, all with a bow he made in hand. Using his experience in the field and expertise in the bow shop he create bows that perform as good as they look!

Robertson Stykbow is one of the first traditional archery businesses and has continued to be a trusted source for handmade traditional longbows and recurves. Using unique woods found around the world Dick of Robertson Stykbow is (and has been) a trusted force for archery expertise.

Vikki, the heart behind Robertson Stykbow, expresses herself through her silver jewelry. Like the bows, each piece is handmade and unique and made special in Montana.

 Handmade in Montana