Coywolf Hybrid CW-W59 62" 53#

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Coywolf Recurve/Longbow Hybrid - 1 Piece


Specific Bow Specifications

  • Length: 62"
  • Bow Weight: 53# @ 28"
  • Limb Veneer Wood: Bloodwood
  • Handle Wood(s): Bloodwood and Ziricote
  • Hand: Right

The Coywolf Series: Where Tradition and Innovation Converge

The Coywolf Series by Robertson Stykbow represents a remarkable convergence of tradition and innovation. This series is a true hybrid, a “crossbreed” born from the fusion of two legendary bow designs—the Wolfer Recurve and our innovative reflex/deflex longbow limb design. Drawing inspiration from both the time-tested Wolfer Recurve and the performance-driven reflex/deflex longbow limb, the Coywolf Series strikes a balance like no other. It embodies the grace and precision of a recurve and the power and versatility of our unique reflex/deflex longbow limb. At the heart of the Coywolf Series is an innovative limb design that marries the best of both worlds. The result is a bow that's a breed of its own, offering archers a unique blend of accuracy, power, and adaptability.

Advantages of the Coywolf Design

  • Limb Accuracy: The Coywolf limb design combines the grace and precision of a recurve with the power and versatility of the reflex/deflex longbow limb. This fusion results in a bow that offers exceptional accuracy and precision in every shot.
  • Precision-Centric Handle: The Coywolf Hydrid’s recurve style bow handle shaping design ensures complete center-shot alignment, facilitating ease of arrow tuning and delivering exceptional precision.
    • Micarta Construction: Integrated Micarta construction in the handle enhances performance by absorbing vibration and channeling energy into the limbs, resulting in smoother and more powerful shots.
    • Consistent Accuracy: With the exceptional precision of the handle design and Micarta construction, you'll experience unmatched accuracy and consistency in every shot.
  • Versatile Two-Piece Take Down Design (optional): The Coywolf Hybrid Series offers a versatile two-piece design with the 2-piece take-down bow bolt system, allowing archers to easily tailor their bow to their preferences.

Pioneering Excellence: The Robertson Stykbow Legacy

Discover the enduring legacy of Robertson Stykbow, a trailblazer in the world of modern-day longbows, recurves, and hybrid bows for over four and a half decades.

Technical Info for the Coywolf Hybrid Series

  • Bow Length = Draw Length
    • 58” = 25" - 28”
    • 60" = 26" - 29"
    • 62” = 27” - 30”
  • Brace height: 7 - 7 1/2"
  • Approx. Weight: 26 oz.

What's Included

The purchase of a Robertson Stykbow comes with the following:

  • One-of-a-kind Bow
  • Bow case
  • String with silencers
  • String knock tailored to the specific bow
  • Leather arrow rest plate
  • Stringer
  • Care instructions

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  • Keep the bow
  • Order a custom bow by Robertson Stykbow and return the try-out bow (restocking fee waived)
  • Return the bow (we'll credit your card, minus shipping and a $75 restocking fee, assuming the bow and components are in new condition)

Please note: You are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance on any returned bow. This offer is valid only within the USA. If you have any questions or inquiries about a specific bow, please refer to the serial number.

Precision Craftsmanship by Robertson Stykbow

Delve into the world of archery with the exacting precision of Robertson Stykbow. Every traditional bow is painstakingly handcrafted, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that exudes quality and artistry. Don't miss your chance to own a bow that epitomizes precision. Get your Robertson Stykbow now and embrace the extraordinary!