Wolfer II WP-Q215 60"53#@28" Recurve

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Wolfer II Take Recurve

Bow Length: 60"
Bow Weight: 53# @ 28"
Limb Veneer Wood: Juniper
Handle Wood(s) Osage

The Robertson Stykbow "Wolfer" is a bow decicated to the life of a bowyer. I have been infused with the spirit of bowhunting for 55 years and bow making for 35. Through it all I have realized the ultimate predator next to human is the wolf. Just like the spirited wolf animal, the Wolfer bow imparts the same spirited predator instincts.

Innovative natural bow-cant handle shaping design allows for complete center-shot and ease of arrow tuning, naturally.

Each Wolfer will have Micarta as part of the construction, because of the dense-ness, strength and weight of the Micarta and added weight of the bow bolt system the bulk mass weight is centered in the handle, where it belongs to absorb vibration and force the energy into the limbs.

Technical Info for the Wolfer

Bow Length = Draw Length

58” = 25" – 30”
60" = 25" - 31" 

  • Brace height : 6 1/2 - 7 "
  • Sight window 1/4" past center
  • Limb taper from handle to tips: 1 3/4" -5/8"
  • Approx. Weight: 26 oz.

Purchase of a Robertson Stykbow also includes: the 2 piece take down system, bow case, string with silencers and string knock tailered to specific bow, stringer, and care instructions.

Test before you buy! 

Try out any Robertson Stykbow in stock for ten days.  At checkout purchase the bow, leave us a message saying you want to try the bow out, and in ten days you can:
    1) keep the bow
    2) order a custom bow by Robertson Stykbow and return the try out bow (the restocking fee is waived)
    3) return the bow (no hard feelings, we will credit back your credit card and charge you for the shipping and the $50 restocking fee - assuming the bow and components are returned in good condition)

You are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance on any returned bow.

Contact us if you have any questions. When inquiring about a bow, please refer to the serial number.  Sorry, this offer available only in U.S.A.

Five year pro-rated warranty - treat the bow well and we will treat you well. Please refer to the care instructions shipped with the bow for more information on caring for your longbow or recurve.