Wolfer & Coywolf III


Robertson Stykbow is proud to announce that 2018 is our 40th year of building some of the best and most recognized traditional bows in the world. When we started in 1978 the recurve and longbow market was almost a thing of the past with less than 6 bow makers still making custom bows.

Dick Robertson (our founder) got involved not only in promoting his bows but promoting the return of bowhunting while encouraging and guiding other bowmakers in the construction of quality bows. Watching the resurgence grow tremendously not only in the USA but around the world.

To mark our 40th-year milestone, Dick and Yote Robertson (son and co-owner) set about designing a three-piece take down version of the outstandingly successful take down Wolfer Recurves and the Coywolf Longbows! Both which incorporate a two-piece take down bow bolt system that connects in the middle of the handle of the bow.

Three-piece takedown bows have always been the biggest sellers for Robertson Stykbow offering interchangeable limbs of different weights, makeup, and length. They also are the most portable and can easily be stowed safely in a suitcase or backpack. Therefore Dick and Yote created the Wolfer III Takedown Recurve and The Coywolf III Takedown Longbow. The limbs and handles are interchangeable between the Wolfer and Coywolf models. Making the change from recurve to longbow easy, giving way to an extremely versatile bow setup.


Five years ago, when Yote and Dick created the Wolfer it was designed with natural attributes for instinctive shooting. What does this mean?

Here, let Dick explain: "when your bow arm is resting at your side it has a slight bend in your elbow and as you would bring your hand up to point at something you will notice a slight cant in your wrist instead of an uncomfortable completely vertical hand, similar to a target archer stance. A canted bow with a slight bend to the arm is what most bowhunters have adopted for shooting due to its fluidity in hunting situations.

By building the handle section of the bow with a slight offset, it forces you to grip the bow with more cant. We like to call it a 'Natural Point' grip as that’s what it does as well as making the bow center-shot to digest a wide variety of arrows for the perfect flight."

Construction of the Wolfer and Coywolf 3 starts with a super strong I-beam center section of Phenolic Micarta. Which, by the way, has strength close to steel. Dick and Yote then sandwich 2-14 scales of alternating layers of 1/16” Micarta and hardwoods hand selected for their beauty. This I-beam construction allows the guys to reduce the overall dimensions of the bow for a minimalist appearance, yet keep the mass weight closer to the center of the bow for stability.

Next, they laminate the back and belly with veneers to match the limb veneers. Then apply overlays to deepen the handle while adding cosmetic touches to enhance its beauty.


When they build the limbs we take into account the bow length and weight along with the archers draw length. This allows us to come up the right formula of core strength, glass strength and limb wedge length to make the working limb length as long as possible for smoothness of draw and peak performance.

Key Info:

Limb taper is from 1 1/2” at the fade-outs to 1/2” at the tips.

The sight window is of sloping taper design and cut to center shot

Approximate brace height is 7”

Bow weight is 1lb 6ozs