Welcome to the Stykbow Gang

Welcome to Robertson Stykbow!

The History of Robertson Stykbow:

    There are some exciting new changes happening at Robertson Stykbow!  Since 1978 we have helped supply the bowhunting community with some of the most beautiful, high performance, traditional bows in the world.  RS has always been a family business with Dick, Vikki, and our three children Yote, Yana, and Yavon.  Recently, we have ventured into calling ourselves Robertson Wolfgang which will not only sell Robertson Stykbow Bows but also a complete line of traditional bow accessories, and various other  outdoor products we use in the field. Our speciality is also bringing you outdoor inspired products and unique gifts. We sell products we completely believe in. We are a family operated business and we care about you! 

We welcome you to Robertson Wolfgang. Come and be a part of our pack. We are currently in the process of moving and updating all things within the gang. Dont forget to check back often as we have many new and exciting things happening at Robertson Wolfgang! Please contact us with any questions or comments you have. We always love hearing from outdoor enthusiasts. Be sure to like us on facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest within the gang!   

Robertson Stykbow
Family Owned and Operated since 1978


Dick and Vikki Robertson

Yana and Yote Robertson

Dick and Yavon (and Dotty and Chewkie)