Feather Styk Primal X U31 60" 46#@28"

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Since 1978 Robertson Stykbow has gained a reputation of bow design innovation,  superb quality, and craftsmanship.

We are proud to once again offer a unique design with our Robertson Feather Styks.

The Robertson Feather Styk combines wild game bird feather patterns in the lamination process to capture the natural beauty and design of Mother Nature. Each Feather Styk is truly a distinctive creation offering a natural camo pattern. We use Turkey, Sharptail, Grouse, Pheasant, duck and other species too create a one of a kind Bow.

The Robertson Feather Styk is first in flight, like the Wright brothers!

Primal Styk X - Longbow  PSX-U31

Bow Length: 60"

Bow Weight: 46# @ 28" 

Limb Veneer Wood:Red Elm/Pheasant 

Handle Wood(s):Myrtle

 The Primal Styk Longbow Series is a traditional favorite. 

After being the first company to introduce the only reflex/deflex design, we proved that longbows could shoot smooth and fast.  

Here at Robertson Stykbow we keep striving for improvements in performance and aesthetics. 

With a slight deflex in the handle blended with the curvature of the reflex in the limbs, produce a longbow design with superior performance. Some of the advantages in this design are speed, smoothness of draw, minimal hand shock and vibration, as well as perfect balance and stability.

The X –Made up of one exotic wood that is available in both grip types and your choice of exotic veneer wood.


Technical Info for Primal Styks:

Bow Lengths = Draw Lengths

60” = 24” - 27”

62” = 25” - 28”

64” = 26” - 29”

66” = 27” - 30”

68” = 28” - 31

Brace height in inches: 6 3/4” - 7”

Sight window in length cut past center: 2 1/8”

Limb taper from handle to tips: 11/8” - 7/16

Approx. Weight: 19 oz.

Bow Bolt Take-Down option available $200.00

Purchase of a Robertson Stykbow also includes: the Primal Styk, bow case, string with silencers and string knock tailered to specific bow, stringer, and care instructions.

Test before you buy!

Try out any Robertson Stykbow in stock for ten days. 

At checkout purchase the bow, leave us a message saying you want to try the bow out, and in ten days you can:   

1) keep the bow

2) order a custom bow by Robertson Stykbow and return the try out bow (the restocking fee is waived)    

3) return the bow (no hard feelings, we will send a check and charge you for the shipping and the $75 restocking fee - assuming the bow and components are returned in good condition)

You are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance on any returned bow. Contact us if you have any questions. When inquiring about a bow, please refer to the serial number.  Sorry, this offer available only in U.S.A.