Fatal Styk X N621 60" 54#@28" Take Down Recurve

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Bow Length: 60"
Bow Weight: 54#@ 28"
Right Hand
Limb Veneer Wood:Myrtle
Handle Wood(s): Bocote

The Fatal Styk X recurve is a three piece take down system that features excellent limb veneer woods and a colorful handle that encompasses the complex 'Tribal Flare' design to facilitate two beautiful wood types and a colorful handle radius.

Technical Info for Fatal Styks

Bow Length = Draw Length
58” = 25 –  28”  
60” = 26 – 29”  
62” = 27 – 30”

  • Brace height : 7 ¼” – 7 ¾” 
  • Sight window in length cut past center: 3/16” 
  • Limb taper from handle to tips: 1 5/8" -5/8"
  • Approx. Weight: 24 oz.

Purchase of a Robertson Stykbow also includes: the 3 piece take down system, bow case, string with silencers and string knock tailered to specific bow, stringer, and care instructions.

Contact us if you have any questions. When inquiring about a bow, please refer to the serial number.  

Please note that Styk Shed Sale bows are unavailable for Try Out/Payment Plans. 

You are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance on any returned bow.

Restocking Fee on all Returned Bows: $75.00



Five year pro-rated warranty - treat the bow well and we will treat you well. Please refer to the care instructions shipped with the bow for more information on caring for your longbow or recurve.